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Whether it's landscaping or construction, successful projects are all about finding the right aggregates. Speak to South Lincs Woodchip and Aggregates. Based in Spalding, we deliver across the Peterborough, Wisbech and Market Deeping area. Quick, easy affordable. Just give us a call! Aggregates from £30 a bag.

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Sand is used in so many outdoor projects because it's a brilliant base, however there's more than one type. If you're not sure which type you need, speak to our team in Spalding. We're happy to help you find the best mix and let you know how much you'll need before we deliver it straight to site. It's really that easy!


Topsoil is where the nutrients are found, which is why it's so popular with gardeners. At South Lincs Woodchip and Aggregates, we know just how important it is for planting and drainage. We can deliver loose or bagged and a 450-litre bag will set you back just £40. Order today.

Top Soil Bagged
Handful of compost.


Soil enrichment, moisture retention, pest protection - there's a number of reasons compost is great for your garden. Our 750 litre bags are only £50, so just give us a call and we'll arrange your delivery in the same week.

Decorative aggregates

Decorative aggregates are a great way to bring your borders to life. Our team in Spalding deliver stones, gravels, cobbles and pebbles across Peterborough, Boston and the surrounding areas. Just let us know how much you need, and we'll drop it off for you.

Driveway Gravel
Top soil

Mixed Ballast

Ballast is used for many types of building applications. It consists of sharp sand and gravel.

Available in 400 litre bags, at £30 a bag.

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A one stop shop for all the aggregates you need, bags just £30

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