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Bags of sand

Topsoil & Compost

Full of nutrients and minerals, South Lincs Woodchip and Aggregates in Spalding can supply topsoil and compost for flower beds or vegetable patches. Get in touch with our team.

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Top soil in bag

Soil enrichment

Only supplying top quality soil and compost, packed full of nutrients to help your plants, flowers, or vegetables grow. Taking orders of any size, delivered across our surrounding areas. Order now.

Perfect for pets

Woodchip is highly absorbent, making it a great bedding material for cattle and livestock. We regularly offer buy in bulk discounts on our 750 litre bags so you can stay stocked up. Just give us your address and we'll drop it off for you as well.

Chicken run with sawdust and woodchip
Delivery of bags of sawdust


Woodchip: £30 (per 750 litre bag)

Compost: £50 (per 750 litre bag)

Topsoil: £40 (per 450 litre bag)

Aggregates: £30

All can be delivered bagged or loose.

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Need top soil or compost? South Lincs Woodchip and Aggregates can sort it.

To arrange a delivery, speak to our team in Spalding on
07936 059336

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